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Designing a small garden needs great care in order to utilise every inch of space and can be just as challenging as designing a bigger space.

At Floral & Hardy we are proud of our small garden designs. We take great pride at evey step, from  initial planning through to the sourcing of materials, project management, planting plans and of course, taking care of all the finishing touches.

Fill out our enquiry form, or  call us on 0845 603 2598 and speak to one of our friendly expert staff to start the process of designing your own dream garden!

Some of our previous small garden designs are below. To see the finished garden, click on the design or the name of the garden. 


image of small design for a new house

Garden for a New House

There was no practical area to sit and a lawn which often became waterlogged. Planting to either side was out of scale to the small plot and only served to exacerbate the shade problem.

A very high wall to the rear of the garden dominated the view from the house and added to the rather claustrophic atmosphere of the space. Additionally, there was also a side return to the garden which served no particular purpose.







image of small design for a modern but traditional garden

Modern and Traditional Meet

Our clients felt that, given that the property was located in a conservation area, they wanted to keep the front garden fairly traditional in design, whilst the back garden could be more contemporary to complement their interior decor - an interesting design challenge altogether!      








iimage of small design for a new-build garden

Reinventing a New Build House

Our clients’ brief was to create a larger patio area and to provide a screen to the neighbours’ gardens to the side and rear.  They wanted a contemporary feel to match the interior of the property and some dramatic but low maintenance planting. 




image of small design for a modern garden

Small Modern Garden

Our client had a good idea of what she wanted – some decking, some paving, a bamboo pergola, contemporary lighting and some architectural planting. However, she worked long hours and it therefore had to be fairly low maintenance. Privacy was also an issue.







image of small design for a small urban garden


Hidden Trampoline

As with most gardens this size, and with a young family, space was at a premium and our clients wanted somewhere they could relax and entertain, and where their children could play. They also needed some storage space.





image of small design for a country garden


Escape to the Country

The existing plot sloped up away from the house and was rather tired in appearance (the deck at the rear was a particular eyesore) and, although our clients are keen gardeners, they felt that a complete change was necessary to bring it up to scratch.






image of small design for a modern and contemporary garden


Path to Enlightenment

In this small suburban garden our clients had made a start by having a small sunken patio built, but had then run out of ideas.

They wanted something quite contemporary and low maintenance, but also practical for their young children to use.








Fill out our enquiry form, or  call us on 0845 603 2598 and speak to one of our friendly expert staff to start the process of designing your dream garden!





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