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Meet the Designer

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When choosing a professional garden designer it's important to ensure that you are talking to someone who understands your needs and ideas and someone who will provide you with a beautiful home garden design that is created in full consultation with you. All Floral & Hardy gardens are created by Helen Ellison who has years of experience creating beautiful, hand drawn designer gardens that are bespoke to you.









When designing your garden, the emphasis is on understanding you and translating your initial ideas into bespoke garden design plans. Unlike many designers I do not have a ‘design style’. My purpose is to design a garden that best suits you and the way you live.  

I do this by working closely with you from the outset to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your ideas and aspirations. We operate a ‘two ears, one mouth’ philosophy – we listen to you - and that way you get the garden you’ve always wanted, not one that a designer wants to create.  

My own interest in gardens comes from years of personal experience, starting as a child working in my Dad’s vegetable plot and continuing in my own garden, through to my 18 years experience designing gardens for others.  

It is a real joy to realise your dreams for your outside space, to give you a real haven to come home to, whether you want calm and relaxing, or vibrant and invigorating, and to know that in some small way I have changed your life for the better. 

Helen Ellison

Floral & Hardy Designer

For more information about our bespoke garden design services, view our comprehensive garden design portfolio

Alternatively, fill out our enquiry form, or  call us on 0845 603 2598 and speak to one of our friendly expert staff for a no obligation quote or to discuss your garden design plans and ideas.







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