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Long Thin Suburban »


before image of long thin suburban garden

This was a long thin garden typical of many suburban properties with the usual rectangle of lawn with a path down one side. The garden had few saving graces apart from an attractively shaped Staghorn Sumach (Rhus) and a melting snowman! 

Our clients had two small children and wanted a play area with a lawn and space for the grown-ups too, including a dining area near to the house and a large workshop at the rear of the garden. 



after image of long thin suburban garden

Access to the site was via a long alleyway to the rear of the property, so all materials had to be man-handled some distance into place.  

This done, we constructed an intimate patio area close to the house surrounded on one side by willow panels which, with the sun shining through, cast beautiful shadows on the sandstone paving, and on the other by a new wall into which a water feature was built to add the enchanting dimension of sound. 

As our client is a keen gardener, large flower beds filled with cottage favourites such as Poppies, Lavender and Day Lilies flank the path that leads around the circular lawn leading to the children’s play area. 

The play area has a sunken sand pit constructed with new sleepers, together with a play house and ‘mushroom’ table. The whole area is mulched with a thick layer of play bark to protect little hands and knees against falls.

Dad wasn’t forgotten and his workshop is now safely hidden from view behind panels to the rear.  

Although divided into distinct spaces each with their own function, the garden appears integrated and much larger than before.


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