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Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Garden Designs

In the 21st Century many people are rightly concerned about the impact they are having on the planet. 

Floral & Hardy are sustainable garden designers who take steps towards reducing our environmental impact at every stage of our design and construction process, giving you the peace of mind that your sustainable garden is credible as well as rewarding.    

Inspire yourself by browsing our Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Gardens portfolio  

our sustainable garden at the Hampton Court show

Hampton Court Garden

Our garden at the Hampton Court show, called 'Sustainability Can be Sexy', was intended for a family with young children with an emphasis on sustainability and practicality - to incorporate renewable energy and to use recycled products wherever possible. 

outdoor classroom with raised beds for fruit and vegetables

Outdoor Classroom

A large octagonal pergola with built-in benches was constructed as a pleasant outdoor ‘classroom’.

Radiating off from this new sleeper raised beds were built.

Sparkling crushed, recycled glass set in resin surrounds these forming colourful pathways. 

a modern garden with cottage style planting

Modern & Traditional Meet

This garden is on a steeply sloping, triangular plot with complicated level changes. 


planted as a traditional english country garden

From Russia with Love

Although well kept, the garden had been planted in a rather unimaginative way with boring shrubs and little seasonal colour.

Our clients wanted a traditional English country style garden with some formal touches.

oak arbour on patio surrounded by raised beds with a circular theme

From Harbour to Arbour

The garden was dominated by a large swimming pool and as the children were grown up so instead our clients wanted a tranquil seating area surrounded by beautiful planting in which to entertain and relax.

modern garden with astro turf and sunken trampoline leading off a blue glass path

Path to Enlightenment

The existing rectangular patio lead us to this design and we decided to square off the rather awkwardly shaped plot  and divide it with a series of rectangles forming the lawn, play area, path and planting beds.


Roof terrace in London with views across to the British Musem

Up on the Roof

The roof terrace has spectacular views over interesting surrounding buildings, including the Natural History Museum, but the inhospitable, exposed, sloping space made entertaining and relaxing difficult. 




About our eco-friendly gardens   

Our sustainability ethos is based around three R’s:  

  Reduce...   Reuse...   Recycle    

We ensure that the products we source and use in your new garden are either reused, recycled or recyclable at the end of their working life. Furthermore, we aim to reduce as much raw material waste within the construction phase as possible.    

Whatever your reasons for wanting a sustainable garden, Floral & Hardy will ensure that you are fully involved in every stage of the process. We believe that this not only ensures you receive your dream garden, but that we can help each other understand more about the effects we are having on our environment.    

Our experience of designing gardens of all types brings lots of ideas and experience to your new garden - and you can start the process easily with a no obligation quotation from our professional team.  

Simply enquire  about our sustainable landscape design and eco friendly garden design services and get a no obligation quote.  

About sustainable gardening     

Exploitation of natural resources, excessive carbon emissions and the repercussions these are having on the environment are creating a different kind of consumer, one with a conscience.    

At Floral & Hardy we are aware of these concerns but also understand that it can be hard for you to see how you can make a positive contribution. We believe that sustainable and eco garden design is one of the most effective and rewarding steps anyone can take towards a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.    

A sustainable eco garden design from Floral & Hardy will provide you with the ability to make a difference to the way you live, whilst at the same time ensuring that tomorrow’s generation has the same quality of life you enjoy today.  

So what does sustainable gardening involve?    

This is much more than just composting and recycling!   

As experienced sustainable garden designers, we believe that a sustainable garden is one which fully integrates a range of bespoke products and services that have been chosen specifically for their environmentally benign qualities.    

Do you want to acknowledge the problems with the world’s diminishing natural resources by using entirely reclaimed materials. Or do you want to make a bold statement about the need for renewable energies by introducing your own solar powered lighting system, for example? Whatever your aspirations we have the range of skills and experience you need to help provide you with an outdoor living space that goes beyond simple aesthetics.    

But isn’t everybody doing their bit for the environment?

This may be true, but this type of garden allows you to go so much further. It is your chance to be part of the green revolution, providing you with a sustainable eco garden that you can truly be proud of. Furthermore, your input into the design process will allow you to gain a better understanding of how you are making a difference. 

What do sustainable gardens offer you?     

Aside from the enormous sense of wellbeing and pride you will receive from a sustainable garden you will also be transforming your green space into something that provides you with a tangible commitment to the UK’s sustainable development goals.    

Carbon footprinting is fast becoming an effective way of measuring your impact on the environment in terms of the CO2 you consume on a day to day basis.    

Why not use your garden to offset some of your CO2 emissions?    

Imagine a contemporary water fountain that doesn’t need a constant supply of mains electricity, or a summerhouse that is carbon neutral. We have the ability to transform your garden into your very own carbon footprint reduction scheme.    

We can offer you expert guidance on every aspect of your garden. Where and how to source reclaimed materials; water reduction techniques; renewable energies schemes; the use of sustainable materials within your garden’s construction phase; how to use aggregate alternatives and most importantly, where to buy a manual lawn mower!   


You can either fill out our enquiry form, or call us on 0845 603 2598 and speak to one of our friendly expert staff to start the process of designing your dream Eco-friendly, Sustainable garden!     

Ed Dunn (MA)  - Sustainability Consultant for Floral & Hardy  







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