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Water Features Designs

A water feature can add a pleasing feature to your garden. It creates gentle noises, twinkling reflections, the sound of running water and if you have a pond, many species of wildlife will be attracted to your garden. Features can range from the contemporary and modern through to the more traditional, or can be made to your own design either by creating a new pond or waterfal, or by enhancing an existing body of water. 

It can be a self-contained reservoir or can be an open body of water, depending on your taste and size of garden and water features can look particularly spectacular when lit up at night.

These are some of the water features we have incorporated into our clients' gardens:

Drilled sandstone orb water feature

Drilled Sandstone Sphere

The Rainbow Sandstone orb water feature is at the centre of a circle in the middle of the patio. The circle is in the ‘Provence Sunflower’ design. This orb is about 1m in diameter.

Small pond water feature

Small Pond

This was built at the front of an existing mural to give the appearance of being part of the picture.

Contemporary red letterbox water feature

Contemporary Waterfall

The owners of this roof garden in Camden wanted something different to brighten up the space. This waterfall feature is completely self-contained.

Bespoke stainless steel water feature

Contemporary Self-Contained Glass Orb

This is a bespoke, self-contained stainless steel water feature. The water is pushed up and around the glass orb, which is lit up at night, giving a stunning effect.


Natural pond and waterfall

Enhanced Natural Water Feature

The garden already had a natural pond that we enlarged, added a natural stone waterfall feature and placed a decking platform to one side so that the owners could sit and enjoy it. For safety and maintenance, the pond has a walk-on grill just under the surface.

Modern pond surround water feature

Pond and Modern Fountain

We overhauled and re-designed the existing traditional pond and created a feature that matched the design of the garden built around squares. The black water fountain sits at the rear of the pond and is lit up at night.

Mirror waterfall feature

Mirror Waterfall

The owners wanted to retain their original blue wall and this forms a contrasting background for the contemporary mirror water feature down which the water runs. It is also uplit at night for a stunning effect.

Contemporary water feature

Stainless Steel Yin and Yang

Surrounded by white cobbles and on a self-contained reservoir, this unusual water feature is a delight to discover in a corner of the garden and the sound of the water can be heard from the balcony above.

Letterbox water feature in wall

Letterbox Waterfall

Attached to the renderd wall and lit up at night, this waterfall appears magical. 

Rill water feature with fountains

Rill with Dancing Fountains

This covered rill has a walk-on cover with five dancing fountains that push the water through the grill. It looks wonderful when the fountains are lit up at night.

Traditional stone water feature

Traditional Style

Water fountain in the more traditional style that sits in the middle of a rounded, paved area. The sound of the water softens the atmosphere of the courtyard.

Bespoke large water feature

Bespoke Water Feature

We filled in a swimming pool in this garden and the owners wanted to remeber a part of it, so we clad the original jacuzzi and created a unique water feature with drilled upright stone for the water to trickle through onto pebbles.

Stainless steel water feature

Stainless Steel, Wave Waterfall

This is a large feature that we installed in the new pub garden that we created.

Traditional Mediterranean water feature

Mediterranean Feature

A more traditional style of water feature that gives the illusion of the water coming out of the wall from the figure's mouth.

Pond with slow stream

Slow Stream into the Pond

In the corner of the garden we built this slow running waterfall stream that runs into the pond at the end. 

Drilled stone water feature

Drilled Stone Feature

Being in a school garden, it was paramount that this water feature was safe. There is a reservoir underneath the stone and the pebbles surrounding it ensure there is no open water.

Small sandstone orb water feature

Rainbow Sandstone Orb

Placed in the middle of a small lawn, this feature looks particularly beautiful when wet as that best shows of the rings of the stone. (The water in the foreground is a separate sprinkler).

Pond and stream made with reclaimed stone

Pond & Stream using Reclaimed Stone

The garden has a traditional feel, so although this is a newly built pond and waterfall, using the reclaimed stone makes it look like an original feature.




You can either fill out our enquiry form, or call us on 0845 603 2598 and speak to one of our friendly expert staff to start the process of designing your own water feature! 



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