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Floral & Hardy - from Concept to Creation

A beautifully designed garden is literally 'the room outside'; a place where you can relax and enjoy the changing seasons and a place that reflects your own personality. From Concept to Construction, we will manage the whole project for you.

When choosing a garden designer it's important to ensure that you're talking to someone who understands your wants and needs and someone who will provide you with a beautiful garden, designed and drawn in full consultation with you.

"Dear Paul & Helen - I would like to thank you all for a wonderful landscape work to my bungalow. It's settled down and starting to mature into a garden that offers something to everyone. - A very real pleasure!! Thank you!!!

Helen - it has surpassed my expectations - fantastic!!!" ...Fatima Whitbread

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We've been involved in garden designing for quite a few years now, and you can see some of the results on this website. Every project is different which is why our garden design services are tailored to you. View our garden design portfolio.  Use our enquiry form or call us on 0844 326 1552 to discuss specific ideas you might already have.   

We are based in Bromley and mainly undertake garden design projects in Kent, London, Essex, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex but often we travel much further afield in the UK. Our rich experience designing gardens of all types means we can bring lots of ideas and experience to your new garden - and you can start the process easily with a no obligation quotation from our professional team.

View our garden design portfolio

Contact us:

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Why choose us as your garden designers?  

• We design by hand not computer   

We specialise in beautiful hand drawn garden designs, each one bespoke and individual to you and your feelings about your garden. We'll present you with your individual art at the end of the project, so you can see how our combined vision has become a beautiful reality!  

Period & Listed Gardens

Gardens for these Period & Listed Houses need to be created with sympathy for both the building and the period in which they were built

English Cottage & Country Gardens

We love traditional English Country gardens.

We take care over the planting schemes and the stonework used if you decide you want a patio. We can create those special 'hidden places' in the garden where you can enjoy a different view wherever you stand or sit.  

Contemporary & Modern Gardens

We have a wide range of experience in designing modern and contemporary gardens that work in harmony with their surroundings.


•  Careful, thoughtful planning   

Because we design and construct your new garden, every part of the process is carefully thought through, from the groundwork and construction through to the final planting. Each part of our garden design service uses a particular expert or experts - overseen by your individual project manager.

Terrace & Balcony Gardens

There’s nothing more satisfying that stepping out onto your terrace or balcony on an illuminating summer’s morning, or sipping a cocktail as the sun sets for another day!


Urban & City Gardens

The challenge of a city or urban garden is often limitations of space and the need to create a private and tranquil space amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Family Gardens

We realise that a family garden has to be both a practical and stylish space for the grown ups and a fabulous play area for the children!

• 100% happy customers   

We're fortunate to have been able to work on some exciting projects, and each one has presented its own challenges and opportunities. The one constant throughout however has been that all of our clients have been delighted with the finished results! 

Long Thin Gardens

Narrow gardens need careful design consideration to make the best use of the space available and to attract the eye. 

Front Gardens

Front gardens come in all styles and are used as a welcoming entrance to a house or can be multi-functional as more households now have more than one car


Small Gardens

At Floral & Hardy we are proud of the quality of our small garden designs. We take great care in evey step from the initial planning through to taking care of all the finishing touches.

• Professional teams onsite   

When you have your garden designing and construction done by Floral & Hardy, the teams who work with you on site are professional, hard working and ensure that the process goes as smoothly as it can!

Eco-friendly Sustainable Gardens

We take every step that is practically possible to reduce our impact on the environment. We not only use recycled materials and features, we also look into the manufacturing processes to produce any new item.

Patio & Courtyard Gardens

We often find that the most stunning transformations of space are made when we are creating small courtyard and patio garden designs. 

Tropical Gardens

Who wouldn’t want an exotic, tropical paradise in their back garden?

Here at Floral & Hardy, we can help you design and create your perfect oasis.


• Our Unique Plant Guarantee

We guarantee that all trees, shrubs and perennials that we supply will establish within the first year. If not we will replace free of charge.

Period and listed gardens

Victorian Gardens

Victorian Gardens were an indication of the owner's status, wealth and taste, as well as being a relaxing haven of tranquillity. Today, these gardens still constitute good taste; however you don’t need to be an aristocrat in order to have your very own!  

Front gardens

Water Features

Water features take many shapes and forms from the contemporary through to traditional and some gardens include ponds and waterfalls

Water features

Commercial Gardens

At Floral & Hardy we have a wide range of experience in designing outside space whether it be an outdoor classroom, a pub terrace or the Hampton Court show, that is harmonious with the surroundings. 


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 to discuss any specific ideas you might already have for your perfect garden.


Plants guaranteed for first year







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